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Main Purpose Buying This Juicer Multi function:

* This as Multi function multi-purpose used   for House, Outdoor.

* It is very fashionable and good quality.

Many people love and benefit from the health benefits of fresh fruit juice but for a glass of juice with a regular machine, we spend a lot of effort in the process of grinding as well as hygiene. , Wash. 
Especially the fruit is quite large, it can interfere with normal presses, but for juicer multifunctional 0899 HX  , it is extremely simple  feature: · Easy Disassembly and cleaning · Machine does not use electricity, safe and convenient · Rotary design of science;Long and robust · Super-durable steel core drills · Exhausted, Keeps the flavor and nutritional composition of vegetables and fruits. The HX 0899 Multifunctional Fruit Juice Multifunctional Presser can efficiently squeeze juice of any vegetable  , fruit or fruit with the highest quality juice. The HX 0899 multi-functional fruit juicer is rated as the best press using slow-speed technology  for the best juice quality. The HX 0899 multi-functional fruit juicer is a dedicated fruit juice presser that does not use electricity. The machine is made of stainless steel and plastic safe, non-toxic, super durable quality. Hand-held, scientific design, long and strong does not wear out for the user. Core steel drills, super durable, can squeeze all vegetables. Using the HX 0899 Multifunctional Press is easy, Simple to remove, clean and squeeze fruit juice. Use the HX 0899 Multifunctional Fruit Juicer to keep 100% of the fruit's nutritional  value. The HX 0899 multifunctional fruit juicer produces more juice from the fruit, and the juice quality is better than any juicer. Surely you will be satisfied when using the HX 0899 Multifunction Fruit Press

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USES: House, Outdoor

GENDER: Women/Men

TYPE: Multi function

Other Information

  • Top Quality, New Improved Design, Well-Suited To Juicing Fruits And Vegetables.
  • Each Part Has Been Designed For Safe, Ease Of Use, Less Waste, And Maximum Juice Yield. Low Speed Screw Extrusion
  • Separates Juice And Pulp Efficiently, Minimal Juice Separation And Foaming, More Juice Than Other Normal Juicer, More - Nutrition Can Be Remained.
  • Easy To Clean, Dishwasher Safe And Easy To Store, Simple, Lightweight, Durable, Quiet And Eco-Friendly.
  • We Use Only The Highest Quality Materials, All Materials That Come In Contact With Food Are BPA Free, With The Most Advanced Technology, To Ensure Complete Safety.



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