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.Royale Fiberich


Benefits of Fiber to Your Body

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Main Purpose Buying This .Royale Fiberich:

* This as .Royale Fiberich  multi-purpose used   for House, Outdoor.

* It is very fashionable and good quality.   

 Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that is indigestible by digestive enzymes. It plays an important role in maintaining our digestive system clean and healthy.

  • Promotes Digestion. Regulates bowel movement and effective in eliminating constipation.
  • Lower Cholesterol. Studies have proven that fiber plays an important role in lowering blood cholesterol. Therefore, keeping us away from heart diseases.
  • Weight Loss and Diet. Fiber easily makes our stomach full and help us avoid eating too much food.
  • Blood Sugar Regulation Because fiber is not digested by our body, the digestion of food we eat becomes gradual. Therefore, slowing down the conversion of carbohydrates into blood glucose.
  • Avoids and prevents diseases. It helps remove toxic wastes that are trapped in the cervices of the bowel. Harmful bacteria are then eliminated and keep us away from diseases it may cause.
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USES: House, Outdoor


TYPE: .Royale Fiberich

Royale fiberich your partner in achieving a clean, healthy and well-toned firm body. It is made from 100% psyllium seed husk  a natural fiber grain that is packed with countless benefits for the digestive system, weight loss management, blood sugar regulation and overall health.

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